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3 Things To Do Before You Order Seeds

I have to admit buying seeds is one of my favourite purchases to make. Seeds are also one of the things I have a hard time holding back and sticking to a plan or the budget. Seeing all the photos and the feeling of hope and excitement for all the flowers and veggies I could have right in my back yard gets me way too excited. I end up wasting time and money because I then end up with seeds sitting in my basement because I have no space for it. Over the years I’ve managed to get better at ordering more of what I need and less spontaneous purchases. So here has what works for me making sure I do not order in excess.

1. Create goals for the upcoming season

This is really important! Reflect on the previous season and what you liked, what went well, and what did not go well. Remembering this information will help set appropriate goals as to what you want from the upcoming season. Shortly I will be posting on how to make appropriate and effective gardening goals.

2. Take Inventory of all your current seeds

Now this can be quite fun! I usually do this around Christmas or New Years. It's nothing new but it feels like a gift seeing all the potential you have.

This also helps you get refreshed with what you currently have and what you are missing. Knowing this information before you look at the seed catalogs will be a huge help to meet your goals.

3. Refresh yourself as to how much space you have

This has to be almost everyone's limiting factor. There is so much we would like but never enough space. Either do a walk through of your garden (which is a nice excuse to get outside in the winter) or look through previous maps you created to determine how much space you will be working with. Knowing this will help you find out how many plants you can fit into your space, following plant spacing guidelines.

Knowing all of this before you start making your seed orders will set you up for success for the upcoming season. Enjoy the process, it has to be the most exciting thing to happen in the middle of winter.

Happy Gardening!!

Finn is a cute distraction but as you can see I am going through my seed packets with my farm map and list of goals nearby to keep everything in perspective
Garden Planning With Finn

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