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Gudoshnik Tulip Bulbs

Gudoshnik Tulip Bulbs

Gudoshnik is a popular late season double tulip. Large, peony like flowers bloom in hues of coral, butter, coral and salmon. Their blooms are on long sturdy stems adding a dramatic addition to your garden.


Each package contains 10 bulbs.


Type: Double 

Bloom time: Late-Season
Height: 20 in. tall (50 cm)
Sun: Full sun - Part shade

Plant Depth: 6inch

Spacing: For landscaping 6inches, for cut flowers 2inches. 


NOTE: This is a pre-order and quantities are depentent on harvest availability.

**Local pick up or shipping within Canada starting mid-October

Please note that due to export restrictions, we are unable to ship outside of Canada.


*Please plant your bulbs & peony roots in the Fall as soon as you recieve them. Tulip bulbs need to be in the cold ground of winter to stimulate Spring growth.  Courtney's Gardens is not responsible for any issues with your bulbs and/or roots if they are not planted in the Fall, using the detailed planting instructions provided upon purchase*

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